$RYBER is a token powered by Solana which fuels the Ryber Ecosystem


The RyberVerse’s Premium Currency
Players spend $RYBER by breeding new Robros, purchasing & upgrading their NFTs, acquiring loot boxes, paying for fees, and much more.
Create to Earn
Creators earn $RYBER by selling their NFTs. The RyberMetaMaker allows users to develop collections, animation mechanics, digital art, skins, buildings, weapons and much more for the games published in the RyberHUB.
Players will be able to earn $RYBER by enjoying the gameplay mechanics of the RyberVerse.
Users will be able to deposit $RYBER into the Staking Vault to earn rewards. We encourage our community to support our long term vision and the constant, stable growth of $RYBER.
The Treasury
100% of the revenue from commissions go to the Ecosystem Fund. It’s up to $RYBER holders to decide how these revenues will be used.
$RYBER is used as a governance token that allows holders to participate in platform governance decisions using the DAO framework.

Token metrics

$RYBER will be unlocked in a predetermined schedule in 54 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is set to be 45.200.000 $RYBER , 4.5% of the total supply. The charts below illustrate the maximum possible supply of $RYBER over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed $RYBER.


Release details


Stage 1
Seed Round
Stage 2
2M$ Airdrop, Private & Strategic Round
Stage 3
Initial Game Offering
Stage 4
CEX listings, a Staking Vault and the DAO activation